About us

Welcome to the Institute for Social & European Studies (ISES)


ISES integrates theoretical and practical studies, responds rapidly to changing social and economic conditions, and contributes at a high level to international political, social, economic and cultural life. Innovative topics, teaching methods and state of the art research provide students with the tools they need to navigate an increasingly complex, uncertain and interdependent world.

ISES is located in the beautiful Sigray Palace, the Europe House, in the picturesque medieval city of Kőszeg, Hungary.

:: Our Vision
European integration is not confined to the problems of the EU. Therefore, special attention  is paid to countries and regions like Turkey, the Balkans, the Commonwealth of Independent States and emerging economies in Asia and Latin America. We have expanded the focus of study and research to include issues of globalization and global and regional governance. In the next decade, ISES will continue to expand as a leading think tank and research centre in Europe, providing a home for the minds of the future to grow.
Internationally recognized for its top quality research and innovative teaching by the European Commission, ISES was designated a Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence in 2010. In 2012, ISES was awarded a UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development.

Every year in June and July, ISES organizes the International Summer University and the Summer Seminar on Critical Thinking in the 21st Century.

 ISES in cooperation with the University of Pannonia offers unique English language programs:
:: MA in International Studies, and a
:: post-graduate degree in Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability.

Multidisciplinary courses include economics, law, European history, culture, philosophy, and current issues related to civil society, nationalism and globalisation, regional cooperation, and cultural heritage management and sustainability.

FAQ about studying at ISES

"My experience in Hungary for my MA was an advantage and helped me find the job that I wanted in a very short time. The fact that we were a diverse group of international students was important because we learned not only from our teachers and books but from each other." (Carmen Greab, Romania Teaching Assistant and Researcher, Faculty of Political Science, Babes-Bolyai University, ISES lecturer)

"The programme offers a solid foundation upon which students can easily build professional skills. ISES is capable of creating a very friendly and safe environment. This is a place to study, learn and share knowledge." Mikayil Yusifov, Azerbaijan. Chairman, International Security Research Centre, Director, Euro-Atlantic Center (NATO Information Centre)