Fellowship Programme

New Central Europe II: "Development of Innovation Research Base and Knowledge Centre in Kőszeg in the Scope of the Educational and Research Network of the University of Pannonia"

The New Central Europe 2 is asix-month Scholarship Program embedded in a large national project to promote an innovation research base and knowledge centre in Kőszeg with the educational and research network of the University of Pannonia (TÁMOP-4.2.1.D-15/1/KONV-2015-0006).

In May 2015, 97 scholars chosen from over 200 applications began their work for The University of Pannonia in Kőszeg. Scholars come from diverse geographical backgrounds (from Central Europe to Australia), as well as diverse academic disciplines: social sciences (political science, economics, history, sociology), psychology, philosophy, linguistics, engineering, natural sciences, and the creative arts. The activities they have generated as individuals and research teams include seminars, conferences, teamwork and collaborations, student tutoring and Summer University lectures. From May to November 2015, the scholars have 1, 3 or 6 months to publish research results, take part in conferences and workshops, to initiate and organize programs in Kőszeg. Works-in-progress will be published in the ISES Working Paper Series both in electronic and printed form. The Europe House in Kőszeg and the Institute for Social and European Studies provided the infrastructure and framework for the activities that promote and support the long term developmental goals of the institute.

The general purpose of the program is to strengthen the quality, the capacity and the international integration and competitiveness of Hungarian and European academic scholarship and higher education by the production and transfer of socially relevant knowledge. This is achieved through the support of research projects and collaborations that are innovative and transdisciplinary. The precursor of this year?s program was the New Central Europe 1 in 2014, which enabled 35 researchers to produce innovative results.

The New Central Europe 1 and 2 programs lay the academic foundation for a new and unique institution, embedded in a comprehensive program of regional development and creative innovation. The work is multidimensional:

  • first, it aims at the rehabilitation of the historical city of Kőszeg, the re-cultivation of the complex elements of its dense and outstanding cultural heritage, making them viable with new functions to ensure their long-term sustainability.

  • Second, an integrated, complex development strategy is being developed (by the researchers and practitioners of KRAFT) building on local features but ensuring its exportability to other regions.

  • Third, much work is being done to establish the professional groundwork of a new knowledge hub in Kőszeg, an Institute for Advanced Study that will focus on problem solving and point towards the future. This institute will provide research that is socially responsible and meets the 21st century needs of global and European academic cooperation and networking.

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