New MA Program in International Studies

Master Program in International Studies in Kőszeg, starting from September 2016. Deadline: June 15!

Deadline for application: June 15 2016!

Programme brochure can be downloaded here.

The University of Pannonia (UP) in Veszprém offers study programs in several areas: engineering, natural sciences, agriculture, information technology, business and economics, humanities, social sciences and pedagogy. The Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences introduced new BA and MA programs following the adoption of Bologna-system in European higher education starting in 2005. In 2015 with the cooperation of ISES, UP launches a new master’s program in International Studies at the new university campus in Kőszeg.

The Institute encourages and conducts research that integrates theoretical and practical studies, responds rapidly to changing social and economic conditions, and contributes at a high level to international political, social, economic and cultural life. Internationally recognized for its top quality reserach by the European Comission, ISES was designated a Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence in 2010 and awarded a UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability in 2012. The new Institute for Advanced Studies, Kőszeg (iASK), along with ISES promotes socially relevant research in the humanities and social sciences. The Institute thus is continously expanding with its core faculty and affiliated researchers into a leading European think tank and research centre, providing a home for the minds of the future to grow.

MA in International Studies

Duration: 4 semesters

Location: Kőszeg

The language of the program: English

Admission requirements: 

For the MA in International Studies we expect applications from students already in possession of a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies or in other social sciences who are interested in current political, economic and social issues. The special geopolitical foci of the training are the European Union, and Central and Eastern Europe. Students are required to have advanced knowledge of English. 

Awarded degree: MA in International Studies

Deadline for application for international students: June 15 2016 for fall semester 2016

Academic objectives:

Students who graduate from the International Studies master program will became the diplomats, politicians and social scientists of the future. Based on their knowledge of international economics, politics, law and history, graduates will be capable of understanding, predicting and influencing international and European processes of geopolitical change. Utilizing the knowledge and skills acquired our students may find employment in public administration, in state and local governments, in international organizations and in the media. Their skills and expertise will also enable them to manage the business relations of multinational companies and help domestic and foreign organizations navigate the complexities of an increasingly challenging world.

Core modules in the MA program:

  • History of European Integration 
  • International Migration and Minorities in Europe
  • Sociology 
  • Globalisation and the Global Economy 
  • International Law 
  • Philosophy 
  • Political Science 
  • Sociology of Art and Religion 
  • International Relations

More details will be provided soon!

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