Cultural Heritage Management

Irina BOKOVA, Director-General of UNESCO signs the agreement for UNESCO Chair, with Tibor PALÁNKAI, Corvinus University of Budapest (left), and Ferenc MISZLIVETZ, Director of ISES (right).

The Cultural Heritage Management & Sustainable Development postgraduate programme at ISES is the first of its kind in Hungary.

It offers students a postgraduate opportunity to examine the growing demand in Europe and around the world for trained professionals who possess the skills and education to examine the concepts and relevance of cultural heritage and the sustainable, functioning systems meant to preserve and protect cultural heritage for future generations.

The programme supplies a solid base of interdisciplinary specialization regarding the three aspects of a broad body of knowledge commonly called cultural heritage, management and sustainable development.

The Training Venue

The Sgrafitto House and the Europe House, palaces from the 18th century, provide unique location and environment.

Sgrafitto House,
Kőszeg, 7 Jurisics sq.

Europe House,
Kőszeg, 14 Chernel st.


Our programme instructors include some of the finest heritage professionals, economists, sociologists, art experts, historians,managers, urban developers, architects and cultural diplomats from Europe and around the world. 


Dr. Sándor KEREKES, Corvinus University of Budapest


"Our mentality is the part of our
cultural heritage." (Elemér HANKISS)

Tamás SZŰCS, European Comission

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The lectures for the programme are held in small groups of students providing a more interactive, personal and friendly contact between professors and students. 



Kőszeg is one of the most beautiful towns in Western Hungary, on the border with Austria, at the foot of the Austrian Alps.

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Kick-off meeting, 3 July 2012, Kőszeg

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