Programme Description

The Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development Postgraduate Programme (CHMSD) offers a two-year second level degree within the Faculty of Economics of the Corvinus University Budapest.
The highly innovative program is designed to help students attain the management skills they will need to work in different types cultural heritage organizations and entrepreneurships, focusing on profound managerial knowledge and using a strong interdisciplinary approach while meeting the requirements of sustainable development. The entire program amounts to 120 ECTS credits, which equals two years of full-time studies (2 semesters of full-time study on the Kőszeg campus, 3rd semester e-learning, 4th semester practical training, thesis writing and defense).

Objectives of the Programme

  1. To help students attain the management skills they will need to work in different types of cultural heritage organizations and entrepreneurships.
  2. To educate experts at the postgraduate level who can strengthen the contribution of cultural heritage to sustainable development and vice versa. A deep understanding of sustainability strengthens and protects cultural heritage and improves its management.
  3. The location and the city of Kőszeg ensures an excellent environment for the implementation of the programme.

Fields of Study

  1. Methodologies for cultural heritage assessment and management
  2. Protection and revitalization of historical towns
  3. New aspects of conservation science
  4. Tools and practices serving sustainable conservation
  5. Modern architecture as heritage
  6. Sustainable heritage management in municipalities
  7. Management of change in historic environments
  8. Promotion of cultural heritage
  9. Economic valuation of cultural heritage
  10. Management of intangible cultural heritage
  11. Cultural heritage and tradition

The Faculty

All courses are conducted by instructors of superb reputation.

The key element of every didactic plan is clearly the quality and relevant characteristics of the teaching body.
All of involved faculty members directly participate in research and teaching activities regarding cultural heritage and its management.