International Studies

The Specialised Master in International Studies programme at the Institute for Social & European Studies (ISES) provides students from around the world with the opportunity to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of international relations and economics, regional and global studies, political science, sociology, European culture and history.

Upon completion of the Specialised Master in International Studies programme, students will receive a unique degree that is recognized as being achieved at a Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence institution, in cooperation with the University of Pannonia (UP). Obtaining a Specialised Master in International Studies degree from ISES and UP will be highly advantageous in our current world system of global economics, business and political affairs.

The structure of the Specialised Master in International Studies programme is unique in that the courses and faculty are not fixed throughout the term. Each week a highly acclaimed member of academia including university professors, EU officials, NGO leaders, development and regional experts, will visit ISES and spend the week lecturing on their topic of expertise. Although lecturers come from a variety of countries, all courses are taught in English.

Due to this unique structure, students studying at ISES are given the opportunity to begin in the Fall or Spring semester. In order to graduate, it is required that students spend four semesters on campus for course work, for each semester students will earn 30 ECT Credits, a total of 120 for completion of the four on-campus semesters. Upon successful completion and defense of the thesis, students will be awarded a Specialised Master in International Studies degree.

In addition, the program averages 20-30 students per semester so engagement with professors is allowed a more intimate and dedicated space for interaction. Students find this to be extremely rewarding and advantageous in comparison to other institutions where class sizes are much larger and individual space for discussions are lost in the crowd.

The Specialised Master in International Relations programme is open to BA-level degree recipients of any area of study and profession but may be of special interest to:

  • social science graduates, especially those who wish to specialize in the theory and practice of European Studies
  • those with work experience in the developing world, wishing to expand their knowledge of the role of the EU in the international arena
  • government officials and non-governmental practitioners interested in working in or with the EU on regional and cultural development cooperation issues.
  • those interested in making a significant contribution to the non-governmental sector in the developing world as analysts, policy-makers, researchers or practitioners

Our students are as diverse as the program itself and it is this variety that helps construct and develop the multitude of ideas, theories, and solutions that are discussed and expanded upon throughout the year. In addition, beyond graduation our students have gone on to become involved in a wide range of employment opportunities including: research and policy development, advising and planning of local and international development cooperation, project management, state administration, PR positions related to cultural and economic development and a variety of business and political placements.

Please find further details regarding course and professor information, scholarships and application procedures below. If you are unable to find the detailed information you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us at ISES.

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