Life at ISES


In the Western part of Hungary, at the border to Austria and 15 km from the town of Szombathely, lies the town of Kőszeg, the  Pearl of the Roman province of Pannonia, with 12,000 inhabitants. The city was developed around the walls of a Tower in the 13th century and its first owner was king Albert. The city's outstanding historical event is the battle fought against the troops of the Sultan in 1532. The battle led by Miklós Jurisics succeeded in stopping the Sultan's troops from occupying the city of Vienna. Kőszeg is surrounded by the eastern slopes of the Alps, and its romantic city centre, friendly atmosphere, and historical richness welcomes and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Student Life

"I wanted to thank you for the great opportunity that you have provided me. It was a very rewarding year, in both, academic and social terms. I have learned a lot, gathered more self confidence, elevated and acquired various skills, become friends with wonderful people and had a chance to discover the life of most of the Central European countries. Hardly any occupation could be so enriching."~Tomas from Lithuania

The diversity of students' backgrounds and cultures combined with the beautiful atmosphere of Kőszeg make for an incredibly unique and rewarding experience for students studying at the ISES Foundation. The structure of the city, the location of the school and student dormitories, make accessibility to amenities and city life extremely easy.
Within walking distance students can find train and bus transportation to take them to any distant attractions they wish to see and by foot to the most beautiful of nature's offerings.
The limited number of students accepted into this outstanding MA programme makes the experience that much more rewarding as fellow peers become ones family while studying. Students often take trips together on weekends to neighbouring cities and countries and spend nights learning about each others culture through the sharing of home cooked meals and traditional dancing lessons.




Our professors are as diverse as the students. They are internationally known experts who represent a diversity of professional and academic experience and come from all over the world. The programme provides for unique student-faculty relations where professors and academic staff take personal interest in and pay attention to individual students and their needs.